Alkaline Lifestyle Principles

Cups of Green offers a complete wellness concept based on an alkaline lifestyle protocol. It is the exact same protocol that led to our own amazing results.

The philosophy of this protocol is that the body is alkaline by design with a blood pH of 7.365, but acidic in function. What that means is that all human activity like eating, breathing, walking and even sleeping produces acid in our bodies and we have a natural alkaline buffer to neutralize that amount of acid to restore our alkaline design.

Yet our modern day lifestyle, high fat and processed diets, the lack of exercise and our negative attitudes, tend to produce more acidic stress in our bodies, which creates over-acidity of our cells and tissues and can lead to health issues. Almost 90% of today’s health issues are diet and lifestyle related. The signs of over-acidity can range from low energy to allergies, to even more serious complaints such as diabetes.

For optimal wellness, energy and vitality we need to bring our body back in balance by restoring our alkaline design. This is achieved by a combination of:

  • adequate and mineral rich hydration (around 3 liters of mineral rich alkaline water a day)
  • healthy nutrient-rich whole plant-based alkalizing foods (green juices, colourful salads and avocados amongst others)
  • high oxygen generating exercise (like bellicon® rebounding)
  • relaxation (yoga and meditation for example).

An alkaline lifestyle is a non-toxic and non-invasive way to obtain vitality. All in all a no-brainer recipe for optimal well-being.