3 Alkaline Foods For Glowing Skin

Our motto is “change starts within and radiates throughout”. This is especially true when it comes to our skin. Everything we eat has an effect di


4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Body The Alkaline Way

We’re in full Spring mode! An exciting time of the year when the weather gets warmer and the time of birth and growth starts. During this time w


5 Tips for brain health

Losing brain function over time is something that we cannot avoid with getting older. However there are some things that can make our brain age more r


Vegan curried mini frittatas

I’ve never liked eggs, so this is definitely not something I miss now that I eat plant-based alkaline. But a lot of people do miss this acidic t


Mango coconut pudding

What do you do when you have nothing in the fridge but a mango and some leftover coconut cream? Make a mango coconut pudding!  This recipe is the


Creamy vegan key lime cups

These creamy vegan key lime cups are divine and just what you are looking for. Light, fresh, creamy and crunchy. On top of that, it’s made with


Never underestimate the power of your mind

There is a tremendous amount of information about the power of the human mind.  According to science the human brain is perhaps the most powerful


5 tips to reach your health #goals

We have 5 tips for you to help you achieve your health #GOALS and with that stick to your new year’s health resolutions. It’s the new year and we


The importance of a regular detox or cleanse

You’ve probably heard your people around you talking about doing a cleanse or a detox programme and you might have wondered what the benefits ar


Vegan Shepherd’s Pie – A Cosy Hearty Holiday Meal

The holidays are coming. This is the time when we want warming comforting hearty cosy meals. We want to keep it plant-based but on the other hand we w

chia seed pudding

Chia Seed Pudding recipe

The chia seed has become a very popular superfood. These tiny black seeds are so amazingly nutritious and versatile. They are easy to digest too. The seeds are originally grown in Mexico. It was an important staple for the Aztecs and Mayans. The seeds were important...

creamy avocado gazpacho

Creamy avocado gazpacho

This avocado gazpacho is a great recipe when you want to serve something different to your guests, it's great for hot weather, but it is also great when you are doing a detox. This soup is always a part of our menu when we do a...

7 reasons to drink green juice

We’re not called Cups of Green for nothing. We love our green juice and green juice actually might be our specialty. We can give you many reasons why you should start including a cup of green yourself into your diet, but to make it easier...

Meditation: finding health through stillness

I have been meaning to take up meditation as a daily practice for a while now, but was struggling with actually doing it. None of the practices I tried before felt comfortable. I was constantly fighting to still my mind while forcing myself not to...

How I got rid of my allergies

For all of my life I had been struggling with allergies. Very bad hay fever, house dust mite allergies, animal allergies…I would sneeze non-stop, get bad skin rashes and red itchy irritated eyes. Even if a bit of shampoo would run down my leg in...

Recipe: Homemade Almond Milk

We have received MANY requests to post the recipe for Fresh Almond Milk. You will not believe how easy it is and you will most probably from now on start making it every week. Or as we do every other day ;) Tools: - a high-speed blender - a...

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

So happy to be able to get aloe vera here in any supermarket. It is such a great multi purpose plant. Good for your skin: rub it on when you have a (sun) burn or what I love is to make a mask out of...