5 tips to reach your health #goals

We have 5 tips for you to help you achieve your health #GOALS and with that stick to your new year’s health resolutions. It’s the new year and we


The importance of a regular detox or cleanse

You’ve probably heard your people around you talking about doing a cleanse or a detox programme and you might have wondered what the benefits ar


Vegan Shepherd’s Pie – A Cosy Hearty Holiday Meal

The holidays are coming. This is the time when we want warming comforting hearty cosy meals. We want to keep it plant-based but on the other hand we w


This year’s six fruits and veggies to always buy organic

Organic food is admittedly more expensive and in some cases harder to find however some fruits and vegetables are more likely to be contaminated with


The benefits of intermittent fasting

What we call “intermittent fasting” these days used to be called “sensible eating habits”. Often times when we eat late at night i


Sauna; heal with heat

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in the sauna and letting all your worries melt away. People have been enjoying sauna therapy for year


Chlorophyll; 8 health benefits of this magic green liquid

Chlorophyll is actually the blood of plants. An interesting fact about it is that its molecular structure is similar to that of hemoglobin, which is a


Natural sunscreen for good protection

Summer is here, the sun is shining bright and it’s hot outside. Time to go to the beach and get our skin kissed by the sun. It’s also time to


Summer body workout with bellicon® rebounding

It’s June already and that means that Summer is around the corner for a lot of us. This is the time we often ask ourselves if our body is summer pro


Essential oils; our 4 favourite for beautiful skin

For beautiful and healthy skin, it is absolutely important to avoid toxins and use as many natural products as possible. For this essential oils are g

How to make Soy Milk

I found 100% organic soy beans at my little farmers market and i thought: why not give it a try to make homemade soy milk. It is quite some work though if you don’t have a soy milk maker. Way more work than almond milk, which...

Health Benefits of Watercress

After a great yoga class @, this salad is a perfect end to a very fulfilling day 😄 and let me not forget to mention that it is also a good detox salad. Ingredients: watercress, spring onions, endives, #avocado dressed with ev olive oil,...

Recipe: Moroccan inspired salad dressing

  This Moroccan inspired salad dressing is great and goes with almost any salad. It immediately gives it a great full taste. I came up with this salad after watching the Food Network’s Diners Drive-Inns and Dives show. Normally they show very greasy unhealthy comfort foods...

Health Benefits of Coconuts

  Looking for an alkaline alternative for an after exercise energy drink? Grab a young green coconut! Coconut water is high in natural electrolytes like potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which are alkaline-forming minerals that support the body’s proper pH balance and thus optimal metabolic function. The...

Recipe: No Bake Brownies

No bake Brownies!! Happy International Raw Food Day  😁 These are really so easy to make and it takes just 5 minutes! U need : - 1 cup raw walnuts - 1 cups soft medjool dates - pinch himalayan salt - ½ cup pure cocoa powder - 1-2 teaspoons cocoa nibs (optional) Place walnuts in...

Recipe: Asian style alkaline salad

I love love loveeee Asian food, but since I went completely alkaline I have not been eating as much of it as before due to all the soy sauce and sugar that is used in cooking. Of course from time to time I allow myself...

Recipe: Parsnip Carrot Curry Soup

Perfect winter soup: Parsnip carrot curry soup Ingredients 1 tbsp coconut oil 1 cup chopped onion 3 large carrots (chopped) 2 large parnsips (peeled and chopped) 2 celery sticks (chopped) 2 cloves of garlic (pressed) 1 inch fresh ginger chopped 2 tsp curry ½ tsp ground cumin 1 tsp cinnamon ½ cup coconut milk 4 cups water Pinch of...

Recipe: Dahl with Tuscan kale

Dahl with Tuscan kale This recipe came about by wanting to eat something Surinamese and wanting to finish my veggies in the fridge. Normally i use spinach, okra or Surinamese leafy greens in my dahl but I thought why not try tuscan kale. And guess what? It...

Recipe: Vegan Kamut Pancakes

  The weekend is here! Why not celebrate your Saturday or Sunday with a brunch including these awesome vegan kamut pancakes. I made these for my friends in Italy last weekend and they were a big hit. VEGAN KAMUT PANCAKES Ingredients: 2 cups kamut flour ½ teaspoon himalayan salt ½ teaspoon...

DIY Natural Skin and Body Care

Natural Skin and Body care We often get the question: What do you use on your skin? Well, our secret is extra virgin avocado oil. Just the oil you buy in the organic supermarket for your salad. It is perfect as it has a natural SPF and...

Recipe: Tahini Parsley Dressing

So.. i had prepared the blender with olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice to make an avocado dressing when i found out that my avocado was not 100%. Then i looked in the fridge and came up with this: Tahini parsley dressing. It is AWESOME!!!!...

Recipe: Bloody Vegan Pancakes

Bloody Vegan Pancakes Yay! Celebrating an extra long weekend with bloody pancakes! 😋 They take just a few minutes to make and are dairy, gluten and sugar free 😊. Enjoy your Monday! What u need : - 1 cup flour (I used buckweat) - 1 cup almond milk (you can use any...