3 Alkaline Foods For Glowing Skin

Our motto is “change starts within and radiates throughout”. This is especially true when it comes to our skin. Everything we eat has an effect di


4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Body The Alkaline Way

We’re in full Spring mode! An exciting time of the year when the weather gets warmer and the time of birth and growth starts. During this time w


5 Tips for brain health

Losing brain function over time is something that we cannot avoid with getting older. However there are some things that can make our brain age more r


Vegan curried mini frittatas

I’ve never liked eggs, so this is definitely not something I miss now that I eat plant-based alkaline. But a lot of people do miss this acidic t


Mango coconut pudding

What do you do when you have nothing in the fridge but a mango and some leftover coconut cream? Make a mango coconut pudding!  This recipe is the


Creamy vegan key lime cups

These creamy vegan key lime cups are divine and just what you are looking for. Light, fresh, creamy and crunchy. On top of that, it’s made with


Never underestimate the power of your mind

There is a tremendous amount of information about the power of the human mind.  According to science the human brain is perhaps the most powerful


5 tips to reach your health #goals

We have 5 tips for you to help you achieve your health #GOALS and with that stick to your new year’s health resolutions. It’s the new year and we


The importance of a regular detox or cleanse

You’ve probably heard your people around you talking about doing a cleanse or a detox programme and you might have wondered what the benefits ar


Vegan Shepherd’s Pie – A Cosy Hearty Holiday Meal

The holidays are coming. This is the time when we want warming comforting hearty cosy meals. We want to keep it plant-based but on the other hand we w

There are days…

There are days that I forget how sick I was.. Then someone reminds me by assuming that I probably don’t have much of a life and the life that I do have must be totally boring because I don’t consume animal products or alcohol and...

Health Benefits of Cucumbers

Cucumbers are a great source of magnesium and make a wonderful addition to your daily green juice! They are also comprised of about 96% water, which makes them an excellent food to ingest for cleansing the body of toxins. They help to keep your body...

Recipe: Vegan Raw Chocolate Mousse

Vegan Raw Chocolate Mousse (serves 4) 2 large avocados 2 large ripe bananas 1/2 cup of nut milk (I prefer coconut milk in the recipe) 6 tablespoons of raw cacao (add more to your taste) Mix all ingredients in a blender and let the mixture cool en set in the fridge...

green pea hummus

Recipe: Green Pea Hummus

Green Pea Hummus This green pea hummus is always a huge hit. It is a fun creative delicious light version of hummus to serve your guests. Ingredients: 2 cups of green peas 2 cloves of roasted garlic juice of 1 lemon or lime large table spoon tahini 1 hand of fresh cilantro half...

Recipe: Vegan Veggie Pizza

Vegan Veggie Pizza! Because sometimes you just sooo need this :D Crust : 200 g organic whole-wheat flour 100 g spelt flour ½ tsp salt 1 tsp dried herbs (oregano, thyme, rosemary for example) 2 tbsp oil 175 ml luke warm water Pre-heat the oven to 250 C. Mix flour with salt and herbs in a bigger bowl....

Recipe: Avocado Smoothie

Avocado Smoothie   This smoothie is so delicious that  you probably don't only want it for breakfast, but also as a snack or as desert. It often reminds me of drinking a creamy milk shake. Ingredients: - 1 ripe avocado - (Fresh homemade) almond milk - Cinnamon Extra: - coconut milk or fresh coconut...

Recipe: Basic Green Juice

  “If the fridge is only filled with greens, what do you actually have for breakfast?” This is a question we always get. But guess what? We have the greens for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even as a snack! A perfect basic alkaline breakfast  is a fresh GREEN JUICE   I...

How to make Soy Milk

I found 100% organic soy beans at my little farmers market and i thought: why not give it a try to make homemade soy milk. It is quite some work though if you don’t have a soy milk maker. Way more work than almond milk, which...

Health Benefits of Watercress

After a great yoga class @, this salad is a perfect end to a very fulfilling day 😄 and let me not forget to mention that it is also a good detox salad. Ingredients: watercress, spring onions, endives, #avocado dressed with ev olive oil,...

Recipe: Moroccan inspired salad dressing

  This Moroccan inspired salad dressing is great and goes with almost any salad. It immediately gives it a great full taste. I came up with this salad after watching the Food Network’s Diners Drive-Inns and Dives show. Normally they show very greasy unhealthy comfort foods...

Health Benefits of Coconuts

  Looking for an alkaline alternative for an after exercise energy drink? Grab a young green coconut! Coconut water is high in natural electrolytes like potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which are alkaline-forming minerals that support the body’s proper pH balance and thus optimal metabolic function. The...

Recipe: No Bake Brownies

No bake Brownies!! Happy International Raw Food Day  😁 These are really so easy to make and it takes just 5 minutes! U need : - 1 cup raw walnuts - 1 cups soft medjool dates - pinch himalayan salt - ½ cup pure cocoa powder - 1-2 teaspoons cocoa nibs (optional) Place walnuts in...