3 Alkaline Foods For Glowing Skin

Our motto is “change starts within and radiates throughout”. This is especially true when it comes to our skin. Everything we eat has an effect di


4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Body The Alkaline Way

We’re in full Spring mode! An exciting time of the year when the weather gets warmer and the time of birth and growth starts. During this time w


5 Tips for brain health

Losing brain function over time is something that we cannot avoid with getting older. However there are some things that can make our brain age more r


Vegan curried mini frittatas

I’ve never liked eggs, so this is definitely not something I miss now that I eat plant-based alkaline. But a lot of people do miss this acidic t


Mango coconut pudding

What do you do when you have nothing in the fridge but a mango and some leftover coconut cream? Make a mango coconut pudding!  This recipe is the


Creamy vegan key lime cups

These creamy vegan key lime cups are divine and just what you are looking for. Light, fresh, creamy and crunchy. On top of that, it’s made with


Never underestimate the power of your mind

There is a tremendous amount of information about the power of the human mind.  According to science the human brain is perhaps the most powerful


5 tips to reach your health #goals

We have 5 tips for you to help you achieve your health #GOALS and with that stick to your new year’s health resolutions. It’s the new year and we


The importance of a regular detox or cleanse

You’ve probably heard your people around you talking about doing a cleanse or a detox programme and you might have wondered what the benefits ar


Vegan Shepherd’s Pie – A Cosy Hearty Holiday Meal

The holidays are coming. This is the time when we want warming comforting hearty cosy meals. We want to keep it plant-based but on the other hand we w

Recipe: Asian style alkaline salad

I love love loveeee Asian food, but since I went completely alkaline I have not been eating as much of it as before due to all the soy sauce and sugar that is used in cooking. Of course from time to time I allow myself...

Recipe: Parsnip Carrot Curry Soup

Perfect winter soup: Parsnip carrot curry soup Ingredients 1 tbsp coconut oil 1 cup chopped onion 3 large carrots (chopped) 2 large parnsips (peeled and chopped) 2 celery sticks (chopped) 2 cloves of garlic (pressed) 1 inch fresh ginger chopped 2 tsp curry ½ tsp ground cumin 1 tsp cinnamon ½ cup coconut milk 4 cups water Pinch of...

Recipe: Dahl with Tuscan kale

Dahl with Tuscan kale This recipe came about by wanting to eat something Surinamese and wanting to finish my veggies in the fridge. Normally i use spinach, okra or Surinamese leafy greens in my dahl but I thought why not try tuscan kale. And guess what? It...

Recipe: Vegan Kamut Pancakes

  The weekend is here! Why not celebrate your Saturday or Sunday with a brunch including these awesome vegan kamut pancakes. I made these for my friends in Italy last weekend and they were a big hit. VEGAN KAMUT PANCAKES Ingredients: 2 cups kamut flour ½ teaspoon himalayan salt ½ teaspoon...

DIY Natural Skin and Body Care

Natural Skin and Body care We often get the question: What do you use on your skin? Well, our secret is extra virgin avocado oil. Just the oil you buy in the organic supermarket for your salad. It is perfect as it has a natural SPF and...

Recipe: Tahini Parsley Dressing

So.. i had prepared the blender with olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice to make an avocado dressing when i found out that my avocado was not 100%. Then i looked in the fridge and came up with this: Tahini parsley dressing. It is AWESOME!!!!...

Recipe: Bloody Vegan Pancakes

Bloody Vegan Pancakes Yay! Celebrating an extra long weekend with bloody pancakes! 😋 They take just a few minutes to make and are dairy, gluten and sugar free 😊. Enjoy your Monday! What u need : - 1 cup flour (I used buckweat) - 1 cup almond milk (you can use any...

Recipe: Turnip Curry Suriname Style

Turnip Curry Suriname Style This was the first time for me using Turnips. As we are from Surinamese origin, turnips are not very common in our cuisine. But making them Surinamese style in a delicious curry worked very very well. This recipe is definitely a keeper....

Recipe: Quinoa Porridge

Quinoa, a nutty seed, is not only a plant based complete source of protein, it is also naturally gluten free! And it’s easy and quick to cook too! Usually served in savory dishes this ancient seed also makes a wonderful breakfast. Its firm texture is perfect for a creamy hot...

Recipe: Oven roasted black rice stuffed eggplant

This recipe was inspired by Green Kitchen Stories (awesome website btw). I changed some ingredients and spices and made my own beautiful dish out if it. Ingredients: - 1 eggplant - 2 - 3 large tablespoons of cooked black rice (follow instructions on package) - cilantro - pomegranate - pinch of...

Recipe: Vegan watercress pesto

Watercress has become one of my favourite vegetables. I juice it, make soup of it, use it raw in salads and now I have discovered that you can also use it to make a delicious pesto. Watercress is really a veggie to discover as it is...

Recipe: Homemade Kidney Bean Veggie Burger

Now this plate of food was absolutely yummy and such a treat. Everybody loves french fries and burgers so when going all alkaline you often miss those comfort foods. But it is possible to make healthy versions that actually even taste better and give you...