Happy Clients

Jennifer Struikenkamp

I am Jennifer and I have Lupus just like Ida. After years of failed conventional treatments Ida started her alkaline plant-based diet. As a scientist and a patiënt I was sceptic at first, but it also intrigued me. I saw her getting well with time and now she's alive and kicking without using any treatments. She never felt better and it shows. I started the same path about six months ago and already feeling better. Every part of my body is slowly but surely healing. It takes time and dedication, but once you get the hang of it's easy and it beats the hell out of having to use toxic treatments. I will never change my diet back again. Thank you Ida for helping me to get well soon and to kick some Lupus ass.

Fleur Kortenoever
Sales consultant and jurist

I’ve been suffering from an auto-immune condition for more than 16 years and Daphne was one of the people who stimulated me to take a closer look at my eating habits. She knew what a radical change in your diet could do, because of Ida’s struggles with lupus. The average person would have concluded that I was already eating healthy with very little meat, hardly any alcohol and lot’s of fruits and vegetables, but the real progress came once I stepped up my game. Daphne told me more about alkaline foods and she also inspired me to follow a course in plant based nutrition. I can’t believe the results after just a few months: I’ve almost gotten rid of all my conventional treatments!

Tieasha Muhammad Bey
Lupus Warrior

When I became sick, I was admitted to the hospital the first time in 2012. The start of the nightmares and guessing games of the doctors. I was called a hypochondriac, it's anxiety etc. I wasn't sure what was happening to my body or my mind. The treatments were making it harder for my system to recover. My cousin Omar introduced me to Ida and her story. Finally I wasn't crazy and I understood what was happening to my body. As soon as I began to alkalize my body, I felt a huge difference. I'm not 100% there yet, but I'm on that road and in a better place than 4 years ago. From a place where I couldn't see hope, to presently confident in an alkaline lifestyle...

Stefanie Bledoeg

After consulting Cups of Green, I got inspired to follow a more alkaline lifestyle, which included juicing every morning, drinking loads of water and including more alkaline products and (most importantly) excluding acid forming products into my daily diet. I can honestly say that this has helped my body of getting rid of some skin issues I'd been suffering from, such as eczema. My skin is much more clearer now, my stomach and lower abdomen feel healthy and I have gained tons of energy. Daphne and Ida are two strong inspiring women, who have helped me improve my life through a healthier lifestyle. Their alkaline recipes are delicious and tasty, and make you wonder why you've been eating all that junk in the first place!

Chris Owen
Co-founder and managing director of Premier Model Management

Struggling with diabetes type 2 and 1 for 30 years, I decided in 2013 to adopt an alkaline protocol and lifestyle. This has been life changing as I lowered my insuline intake after only 2 weeks, my energy levels went up and I lost pounds. During this process I met Ida and Daphne. Ida’s story has been of great inspiration to me and is a motivation to keep on going with this lifestyle change. Ida and Daphne are authentic; the Cups of Green recipes really follow the alkaline principles 100%, which a lot of professionals who promote an alkaline lifestyle actually do not follow at all. Ida and Daphne’s knowledge, experience and dedication are of great value to me and is the real deal. I am sure that it will be to you too.

Saskia Koper Groenevelt
Sport Massage Therapist

I had been struggling for a year with various infections and fevers and it felt like my health was going in a never ending downward spiral. Conventional treatments just weren’t helping long-term. It looked like I was going to have to give up on all my beloved sports. But that really was not an option for me… So I decided, with the help of Daphne and Ida, to go completely “alkaline” for a month. After a month I slowly eased up a bit on what I was eating. The getting better process took about a year, but it worked! I got my old life back! I even finished a 16 km competitive run again without any after effects. Daphne and Ida, you will never know how grateful I am to your dedication and your endless answering of all my questions. I would recommend you to anyone in a heart beat!