How I got rid of my allergies

For all of my life I had been struggling with allergies. Very bad hay fever, house dust mite allergies, animal allergies…I would sneeze non-stop, get bad skin rashes and red itchy irritated eyes. Even if a bit of shampoo would run down my leg in the shower it would leave a rash. Every year as I grew older, my symptoms worsened. It was a nightmare! I used every anti-histamine on the market, but often it wouldn’t help, which would make me sometimes take the whole pack of pills… Not a good idea…


In 2009 I was doing an internship at the Permanent Mission of the Netherlands to the UN and other International organizations in Geneva, Switzerland. It had been winter when I arrived. I was enjoying my work, going to important Humanitarian Affairs meetings at the United Nations and the International Commission of the Red Cross. But I’m absolutely not a winter girl, so I was happy when slowly the temperature started rising, leaves returned on the trees and flowers started blossoming. But my enthusiasm was soon changed into horror.

I forgot that with spring comes allergies…

While sitting at a very important env20161113_142704 copyironmental meeting, I could only think of how bad I wanted to get out of there, and at the end of the meeting I just wished my internship would be over to go back home. My allergies had never been this bad… I couldn’t stop sneezing during the meeting, I started getting a fever, and then one of the diplomats at the meeting asked me if I was ok, because my nose was bleeding…

I was horrified! It was the start of my worst hay fever ever. After the meeting I rushed to a pharmacy to buy every anti-histamine they had. They also gave me these distilled water salt solutions to clean my nose and eyes multiple times during the day. They also advised me to take off my clothes the minute I get home every day, wash them, take a shower and wash my hair, to get rid of the pollen causing my reaction. Washing my hair every day? Really? I am a natural haired black girl. You know how much time that takes?! I needed to resolve this problem one way or the other.

A few years later in 2013 my life changed. I found the perfect solution to my allergies!  It was so simple I couldn’t believe it at first. But yes it is so simple as changing your diet! After switching to an alkaline diet and lifestyle my allergies went away! More vegetables and no to animal protein, bread, processed foods, sugar and other crap. You would think that a diet change would possibly only have effect on food allergies, but it seems that even hay fever is a diet related health issue.

When I am eating clean and 100% alkaline (which is most of the time) I have no problems, even during spring. But sometimes you end up in situations where eating 100% clean and alkaline is really hard.

For example: I love traveling. But traveling sometimes makes it hard to stay very alkaline. When I went to Iran where vegan food is very hard to find, I was often obliged to eat milk products. A lot of vegetable dishes are made with yoghurt, milk, cream and butter. Also, the restaurants don’t serve the dishes fresh. Everything is pre-made and heated up (in a microwave….) before serving. So asking for adjustments is not possible. When I went back to Tehran where it was full spring after having spend time more south in a desert climate, I started feeling my heavy allergies again. Non stop sneezing and itchy eyes. This all went away again when I was home where it also was spring, but where I could detox and go back to my alkaline lifestyle.

17554344_10210551787483912_5023569051809254942_nOver the last years I have learned that for me the 4 triggers of my allergies are:
– dairy products
– sugar
– alcohol
– bread

A clean alkaline plant-based diet and lifestyle contains the right ingredients to go through life allergy free. My alkaline lifestyle has helped me know my body really well and I am now able to listen to my body’s signs.

I could’ve never imagined my life without sneezing and itchy eyes, nose and skin. I’m not afraid anymore to go picnicking in the spring, lay in the grass, smell flowers and even pick a dandelion and blow off its pollen. Now I control my allergies and they don’t control me anymore.


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