Healthy gift ideas for the holidays

Starting the new year right can be made easier with the right tools. Having these gifts on your list for Santa will definitely help you achieve your new year’s resolutions for 2018. They also make a great gift for a loved one who can use that extra boost to kick off the year with a new healthy lifestyle.

Take a look at our healthy gift ideas for the holidays and click on the photos to learn more about these amazing products:

Doterra essential oils

We love these high grade essential oils. They can be used for aromatherapy and to create your own toothpaste, skin serum, facial mists, masks and more. But they are also great to protect against the flu, get rid of stomach aches, head aches and rashes for example. These essential oils are what you need to support your health in a natural way.

Why not offer yourself or a loved one one of the great essential oil kits. Some even come with an essential oil diffuser. Check it out here

Bamboo strawsbamboo straws

These straws make a great secret Santa gift. Plastic is bad for our health and the environment. These bamboo straws can be taken with us everywhere we go and inspire people a long the way to take better care of mother earth.

Did we tell you that they look super stylish too? They look great on your instagram juice and smoothie pics.

nutmilk bagNut milk bag

Another great secret Santa gift. With a nut milk bag, making almond, coconut or hemp milk just becomes more fun. When you strain your nut milk it will last longer too. And with the left over pulp you can make other amazing recipes.

Healthy cookwarewearever cookware

When we start living a healthy lifestyle we don’t always stand still at the fact that we use lots of utensils in the kitchen that are harmful to our health. Mostly the first things that come to mind are the microwave and plastic Tupperware, but we need to think about our pots and pans too. Most pans have a nonstick coating of Teflon. But this coating, also known as PTFE, can cause flu like symptoms when inhaling the fumes while cooking. The release of multiple chemicals, carcinogens, and pollutants by these pans can be dangerous to our health in the long term.
There are great brands of healthy cookware out there. We love the WearEver set of pots and pans. The great thing about these is that you hardly need to use oil to cook, so it’s actually double healthy cookware. The set is also very affordable too!

High speed blendervitamix blender

If you or a loved one wants to start the year right, a good quality blender cannot be missed. A good quality high speed blender makes wonderful healthy smoothies, raw soups, healthy sauces and even delicious sorbet. It’s a  must for in the kitchen. Depending on your budget you have a variety to choose from. Our favourite is the Vitamix because you can do everything with it: smoothies, raw soups, ice cream, nut milk, nut butter, dough etc.

food processorFood processor

If the Vitamix blender was a bit too much for your budget and you still want to make nut butters, falafel and all that goodness that doesn’t work in your normal blender, then get yourself a food processor. This was my favourite birthday gift this year. I use it to make raw pie crusts, nut butters like almond butter and even tahini and it’s great to make veggie burgers and falafel. You can find a good food processor for a very reasonable price, like this Hamilton Beach food processor

Dehydratorexcalibur dehydrator

This is a toy to take your alkaline cooking to the next level. Food is still considered raw and will contain all its vitamins and minerals when it’s heated up to 42 degrees celsius max. You can make all sorts of healthy snacks, chips, crackers, breads and pastas in a dehydrator. Live foods are the healthiest and best energy booster. Our favourite is the Excalibur. It is known to be the best of the best. Definitely a great investment.

alkaline water jugAlkaline water jar

We’ve written two blog posts about the importance of the quantity and quality of water you consume for your health. If there would be one thing you really need to change, it is the amount of water you drink and the quality of the water you drink.

An alkaline water jar is a great investment. No more bottled water needed. The jar and the alkaline water filter will filter all chemicals out of the tap water, add necessary healthy minerals to the water and raises the pH. You can find great ones online for every budget. Make sure they filter all chemicals out like fluoride and chlorine.

Cold press or Slow juicerhurom juicer

We are not called Cups of Green for nothing. Green juice, green juice and green juice. A slow juicer is another great investment for your health. Adding a green juice a day to your diet will help you get more vitamins and minerals from veggies. It will also help the body detox faster.

We recommend a slow juicer because there is minimal heath involved in comparison with a centrifuge juicer. Therefore more vitamins are preserved and you can keep your juice in the fridge for 48 hours. Our favourite juicer is the Hurom. They were the first to create these juicers and are still considered one of the best. Their juicers are very stylish too.


This little tool makes making salads and eating more raw foods so much fun and beautiful too. A very affordable raw food kitchen utensil that takes your healthy cooking to the next level. Surprise your guests with raw zucchini noodles (also called zoodles) and raw pad thai.
We recommend the spiralizer machine and not the small hand tool for the best results. This spiralizer has 3 different blades which makes you create 3 different veggie noodles.

bellicon mini trampolinebellicon® Mini-trampoline

With a bellicon® you won’t be dreading to go to the gym or making excuses that you don’t have time to exercise anymore. The bellicon® is a high quality mini trampoline. NASA research has shown that working out on a bellicon® is 3 x more productive than walking.
When exercising on a bellicon® you work with gravity which stimulates every cell in the body. It causes a deep contraction of the connective tissues which leads to activation and acceleration of the detoxification process of the body. Rebounding strengthens bones, enhances the blood and oxygen circulation, it activates the lymphatic system and strengthens the cardiovascular system. On top of that, the high release of endorphins makes you happy and it is great when trying to overcome depression, anxiety and negative thinking.
The trampolines come in different sizes and the strength of the cords can be adjusted to your weight. Introduce your body to the most effective and fun way of exercise that is taking over the world by storm: Go to bellicon store

Wellness and Detox Retreatsvarga loka massage

Experiences always make the best gifts instead of material things, and also when it comes to your health. The best way to kick off the new year and bring your health to the next level is with a good detox and wellness retreat. Are you feeling tired all the time? Have you tried everything to lose weight? Or are you dealing with health issues and just not finding an answer? Have you always wanted to do a detox but just didn’t find the time or the discipline?

We went through the same struggles and found our solution. Now we want to share that experience and help you achieve your health goals. Whether you’re looking for weight-loss, relief from a chronic condition, an energy and immune boost or simply want to reconnect with yourself, the Alkalize & Energize Detox Retreat will help you on your way.

alkaline breakfastThe only retreat of its kind based on the alkaline lifestyle principles, it has a holistic approach to re-energize the body on cellular level.

Why not treat yourself and your partner or best friend to a great healthy getaway? Join us to relax, restore, renew and reboot. Book Here

Happy Holidays!

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