Never underestimate the power of your mind

There is a tremendous amount of information about the power of the human mind. 

According to science the human brain is perhaps the most powerful, life changing force in the world.

Even more interesting is the fact that environmental perceptions have a more powerful influence on our health than drugs. So science is pretty much telling us, we have more innate capacity to heal our ills than the pharmacy.

Research in this area has found that stress, diet, behaviour, toxins and other factors activate chemical switches that regulate gene expression, revealing that environmental influences are more prominent in causing illness than genes. New cancer research also suggests that genetic factors influence the occurrence of illness only 10% of the time. Making the perception of our environment responsible for our body’s health 90% of the time.

This means that we are not victims of our genes as we used to think, we can change our perceptions and thus change our health. The old beliefs about biology used to take away choice and control the outcome. When you tell people they are victims, their power is diminished. When we can help people to change their perceptions, they can also change their outcomes.

How does it work? 

The cell is a data “chip” by its definition, shares Dr. Bruce Lipton. Our perceptual memories and beliefs are stored in the cell membrane and constantly being transmitted to the brain for interpretation. The mind responds to these vibrational messages by creating a union between belief and reality. When your cells transmit to your mind, the mind works eagerly to create the same chemical reality in your body. Meaning if you believe you will get sick, your mind will coordinate your cells to make it true. And if your cells transmit signals suggesting you are vibrant and healthy, your mind again will go about making that happen.

mind power

Lipton reports, “medicine has acknowledged that illness is seeded in the first six years of life when beliefs are downloaded by the family into the child’s subconscious.” During these years, children’s minds are primarily in a theta brain wave pattern. This trance state explains why children easily blur the boundary between fantasy and form. Walking around in a trance, young children absorb their parent’s beliefs into subconscious memory without question or discernment.

Lipton explains how these subconscious downloads work by comparing them to an iPod. When you get a new iPod, there are no recordings, you can’t play anything. Once you download songs to memory, you can play the downloaded songs. In fact, they are the only songs you can play.  

There are plenty of other choices for songs, but you can’t play them on your iPod until you download them. Similarly, whatever has been downloaded into our subconscious memory and stored in our cells is the only choice available to be heard and seen in the body.

Other choices are not possible until they are downloaded as beliefs and perception into the subconscious.  So we automatically act out our parents’ beliefs, unless we are exposed to other beliefs or intentionally seed new beliefs.

It may sound ridiculous and maybe even impossible because we don’t believe we can change our mind and beliefs very easily but our body and emotions react in the exact same way to fear as it does to excitement.

Our heart race and our hands get sweaty, the only difference is how we perceive it. It is how we control our mind to send signals. Instead of saying “I’m nervous” while in a state of fear, do the opposite and say “I’m excited”.

That’s how it works! 

Are you ready to start downloading new beliefs of empowerment and love into your cellular memory so your cells have new lovely tunes to play with lyrics that affirm our lovability? 

self love

Tips to take control of the wheels of the mind

Visualise your abundant life. 

Visualisation can help create the life you want. In order for big changes to happen, use big visualisations. Visualisation is not limited to seeing, you can use other senses too, get a feeling of it, sense it, hear it. 

Face your fear

The root of all fear is the fear of rejection yet we cannot be rejected unless we let people reject us by agreeing with them.

When faced with destructive criticism choose not to let it in. Remember that your own opinion matters most.  Remember that it is not about you and replace the criticism with a positive belief. 

Be forgiving towards yourself

Forgive yourself for every mistake that you ever made and you will become free of the need to sabotage yourself. 

Love yourself fully and completely

A great trick to fall in love with yourself is by changing your passwords to the statements of truth. Like ; I am enough, I love me, I love myself completely. 

Praise yourself

There are many things we do that if we really get to think of it, we should be proud of ourselves and praising ourself more than we do. Often we just shake it off as it was nothing. But no! Had a long day and you are tired but still managed to cook yourself a meal? YAS! Praise yourself. You don’t need to win a nobel prize in order to praise yourself. The little simple things count too.

Honour your body

We tend to treat our cars better than our body. But our body is our vehicle through life and the home for our soul. Honour your body by truly listening to it. Give it the 8 hours of sleep it deserves, eat healthy foods that nourish your body, hydrate your body with water. And also work on loving what you see in the mirror.

Random act of kindness
practice kindness

Random acts of kindness are so great. Don’t you love it when a complete stranger gives you a complement or runs to hold the door for you when you walk up with heavy bags? When these acts make us feel so good why do we tend to do more of those random acts of kindness for strangers than for ourselves? A great way to be kind towards yourself is by leaving positive messages in visible places.


Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to strengthen the mind and body. People who practice meditation daily often report feeling as though their bodies have awoken for the first time. They find themselves focusing more attentively on their every movement and activity, being fully present in every moment. 

While there is much information available, it is all about what we ultimately choose to do with this information and only practical application of these concepts will facilitate a truly life changing experience.


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