Summer body workout with bellicon® rebounding

It’s June already and that means that Summer is around the corner for a lot of us. This is the time we often ask ourselves if our body is summer proof. Maybe we wonder if we should’ve gone to the gym a bit more often. Exercising under pressure is never fun. But what if a workout could actually be something to look forward to? What if you even start doing it in between chores, just because it is THAT much fun?

Yes my friends, it is possible and it does exist: Rebounding

Introduce your body to the most effective and fun way of exercise that is taking over the world by storm!

Rebounding is working out on a mini trampoline. It’s like aerobics but then on the trampoline.
There are many mini trampolines out there, but there is only one really good one and that is the bellicon®.

The difference with the standard mini trampoline is that the standard comes with steel springs and is quite low to the ground. This only allows you to walk and jump, but with impact. It doesn’t have much suspension.

However the bellicon® makes use of bungee jump elastic cords which makes for it to have a lot of suspension. This is why this trampoline is also higher above the ground. You can bounce, jump up and down and walk/run on it. It really works antigravity which makes you feel like a kid again. It’s so much fun.

Another great thing is that you can adjust the bungee cords to your weight. This makes it extra safe and beneficial for your body’s needs.

Rebounding on a bellicon® comes with so many benefits, but to keep it simple I will list the top 5.

The 5 benefits of rebounding on a bellicon®bellicon mini trampoline

1. Great for holistic wellbeing

When exercising on a bellicon® you work with gravity which stimulates every cell in the body. It causes a deep contraction of the connective tissues which leads to activation and acceleration of the detoxification process of the body. Rebounding strengthens bones, enhances the blood and oxygen circulation, it activates the lymphatic system and strengthens the cardiovascular system. On top of that, the high release of endorphins makes you happy and it is great when trying to overcome depression, anxiety and negative thinking.

2. Increases your overall fitness

NASA research has shown that working out on a bellicon® is 3 x more productive than walking.

3. Increases flexibility

Because the workout works all the way at cellular level, the contracting of the tissues makes that nutrients and fluids get easier into the body’s cartilage. This is something that lowers as we age. But with the bellicon® we stimulate this process which keeps us young and flexible.

4. Low pressure and impact on the joints

Because of the high suspension of the bellicon®, there is very low impact on the joints. This makes it such a great workout for any body type and any age. You can increase the intensity of the workout to your needs. Even if you have back problems, injuries or if you just start out doing sports, this is a workout that will benefit you. Because of the low impact on the joints the body recuperates more easily.

5. Training of all muscle groups

With the bellicon® you train all muscles groups. The big ones and the small ones. Because you are working out on a unstable surface the body is constantly keeping its balance which in turn makes it contract all small muscles. Even with a light bounce with the feet on the mat you can feel the larger muscles in the body starting to contract. You can test this by putting your hand on your opposite upper arm muscle. The more intense you make the workout the more intense you train your larger muscles.


bellicon at homeTo have a bellicon® at home is like having a whole gym in one. We love ours and do exercises on it daily.  It has definitely helped keeping my body in shape which is a must in the modelling world. It helps my dad of 73 years old staying young and fit. And mind you that my sister who’s dealt with muscle and joint pains of inflammation from lupus for many years, now finally found a great way to exercise without putting too much pressure on her body. Exercising was never something she could do and now she is jumping up and down and having fun with it.

If you want to know more, follow the link HERE and maybe even get your own!

What are you waiting for? Get bouncing!


  • Lobke
    06/06/2018 at 1:37 pm

    I love this and am very curious to try for myself! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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