The importance of a regular detox or cleanse

You’ve probably heard your people around you talking about doing a cleanse or a detox programme and you might have wondered what the benefits are or maybe what they described to you sounded scary, but their glow after made you curious. We’re those people who do a detox or cleanse on a regular basis and we’ll share with you why it’s important.

Detox is not just a diet, it’s about getting healthy in every way possible by eliminating accumulated toxins from our body.  

There are two fluid systems in our bodies, our blood and lymph and the lymphatic system makes up 75% of our bodily fluids making it the largest system in our body to eliminate cellular waste. It is the sewage of our body and moves only by our individual movement. There is no valve or way to circulate stagnant lymph like our bloodstream is pumped by the heart.

Our blood always has to be at a 7.365 pH and our body will keep that in balance or else you would die. It does so by pushing waste and toxins through our lymphatic vessels into the lymph nodes to eventually be eliminated by our kidneys. Just like we eliminate our waste into the toilet, our cells eliminate their waste into our lymphatic system. The goal is to remove all this waste carried out to the lymph nodes by the lymphatic vessels just as the sewer pipes in our house carry waste to the sewer to be removed. 

When the pipes are stagnant though, the sewer becomes clogged up. So does our lymphatic system if we don’t keep our lymphatic pipes clean. We run into health issues and dis-ease when all this metabolic waste cannot be eliminated properly.

Clean out your pipes

When the pipes in your kitchen sink gets clogged up you would use Draino to clear it out so things can flow properly again. Our bodies work in the same way. We are eating foods with an acid chemistry that clogs up our lymphatic pipes. Instead we should eat foods with an alkaline chemistry that cleanses our pipes as they go down. 

alkaline salad
alkaline detox salad

Stagnant lymph turns acidic and will start damaging cells and tissues. Acids are corrosive and will create obstruction in the form of mucus, damaging your lymphatic pipes along the way. 

Mucus is a byproduct created by the lymphatic system to protect our soft tissue from getting harmed from the harsh acids to burn right through our delicate tissue.  

Acid and mucus forming foods are what contribute to systemic acidosis. If you don’t understand what to eat you can never keep your body healthy. 

Lymph congestion throughout the body is the underlying cause of almost all our health challenges. And the more metabolic waste you build up and continue on a diet that doesn’t aid in removing them, the more you are creating a state of disease.

To clean out your lymphatic system, you want to predominately eat raw alkaline forming vegetables. Think of of healthy delicious salads or better yet liquid, like juices, smoothies and raw soups.

An alkaline plant based lifestyle is the least offensive to the human body. It cleanses out our lymphatic pipes instead of leaving mucus and acids behind. 

Where to start ?
detox retreat breakfast
detox breakfast

We can start by changing the quantity and quality of our water intake. This also helps cleaning out our pipes. Next we can start adding more alkaline foods into our diets and crowding out the acidic foods.

You can also do a detox/cleanse programme which is really focussed on cleansing the body through hydration, foods, special exercises, massage and more. Think of a detox retreat. The great thing is that during a retreat there is no distraction and temptation. You can really focus on your goal.

relax and unwind retreat
Where to go for a detox retreat

There are many offers for retreats but few that focus on cleansing and alkalizing. We regularly offer exactly that from weekend retreats to week retreats in beautiful locations. Want to know more? Check out our retreat page.  Our retreats also have an educational component so you have all the knowledge to keep going a healthy clean lifestyle when you get back home. We hope to help you in the near future to cleanse and energize at one of our retreats.

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