There are days…


There are days that I forget how sick I was.. Then someone reminds me by assuming that I probably don’t have much of a life and the life that I do have must be totally boring because I don’t consume animal products or alcohol and I remember the days when I was so sick I just didn’t want to live anymore.. I think about that night I called my dad begging him to please understand that I can’t do it anymore. Those days in a wheelchair not knowing if I’ll ever be able to walk again. The endless hours I had to spend in hospitals, getting IVs, doing yet another test, seeing doctors and I wonder had I not made these changes, would I still be here? I seriously doubt it and I probably wouldn’t mind either because it was exactly then, when I was sick, that I didn’t have much of a life. I can honestly say that I am looking forward to the future. And I never thought I would even have a real future. My life may seem boring to someone else but it is so much better than it was for years and I am so incredibly grateful for it and for all I have learned and where I am now. I also learned that by opening up and sharing my story you never know who you can help heal 🙏🏾

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