Vitamin Sea: healing with salt water

What is it about the sea, our planets largest feature, that has us so drawn to being near, in or under it? Obviously there’s lots of personal feeling attached to this. We all know the feeling of standing by the ocean and feeling so small and captivated by something so big. It often feels so much more powerful than our own little existence. In a world that is craving our attention 24/7, watching the waves crash on the beach, feeling the wind in our hair while soaking up the salty air, just puts all in perspective. Meanwhile science has proven that the sea has tremendous physical and mental healing powers.


Swimming in the sea

Swimming or floating in the ocean relaxes because it lowers our heart rate, breathing and cortisol levels. At the same time it gets our blood flowing, bringing more oxygen to the brain to make us more alert. The sound of the waves alters patterns in our brain, soothing us into a deeply calming state to rejuvenate mind and body. The movement of water against our body supports the flow of our lymph. Gentle movements in the water stimulate muscle and skin movement aiding in removing toxins from our body without stressing other body parts. All you have to do is let the waves do their work.

Sea water is especially a huge skin lover and healer, it increases elasticity and improves its outer appearance. Studies show that salt water helps in treating several skin disorders like acne. It helps brighten, detoxify, and clean pores out better than any cleanser could. And though you might not see the results immediately, swimming regularly in salt water will slowly but surely improve the overall appearance and condition of our skin.

Swimming is also a great way to reduce inflammation of joints and muscles. Our sea water is filled with nutrients and health giving substances like vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements and amino acids that contribute in relieving pains and aches. Swimming in salt water is a fairly light way of exercise. It will help to keep you radiantly beautiful and healthy. Exercise also releases endorphins, that feel-good hormone. And while you’re at it you will also be promoting vitamin D levels when you’re outside catching some rays.

Even if you don’t go into the water, the salty air is rich in iodine and charged with negative ions that speed up our ability to absorb oxygen and balances our serotonin levels for better mood, reduced stress and a sound night of sleep.


Salt Baths

detox bathThere is a way to bring the sea to you . If you are lucky to have a bath tub at home, you can treat yourself to a salt bath. A hot bath with natural salt added has many of the same benefits that swimming in the ocean has. The natural salt contains various minerals (including potassium and magnesium) which help calm the nervous system and reduce stress. Another plus is the promotion of a healthy calcium balance to strengthen bones and nails. Although salt baths are often recommended for those with health problems, they are cleansing and healthy for everyone. They stimulate circulation while hydrating the skin. The magnesium in salt helps to relax muscles and reduce muscle aches.
If ever you join one of our wonderful boutique detox retreats, you will enjoy regular salts baths during one week to help move and eliminate toxins from your body.


bay CuracaoBut nothing beats the sea. There is something magical and spiritual about the sea, looking out to the ocean as the waves reach the shore, even on a cloudy day, the beauty and power of the ocean somehow rarely fails to bring a feeling of peace while soothing our soul.

Take advantage of everything the ocean has to offer. It’s the most natural way to take care of yourself. Go immerse yourself in our abundant health giving waters and get that Vitamin Sea.

I am sure we can all agree that the ocean is just a wonderful way to relax, have fun, and to get some much needed exercise.


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