Recipe: Asian style alkaline salad


I love love loveeee Asian food, but since I went completely alkaline I have not been eating as much of it as before due to all the soy sauce and sugar that is used in cooking. Of course from time to time I allow myself a treat and go to china town to eat some Chop Suey, steamed kai lan with hoisin or oyster sauce or have a Thai vegetable green curry. But now that I created some amazing Asian style alkaline recipes at home, I can enjoy the Asian flavours much more often.

Check out this delicious Asian style alkaline salad.


– 3 bok choi’s
– ¼ piece of white cabbage or Chinese cabbage
– ½ cucumber chopped up in little pieces
– 1 grated sweet large carrot (orange, white, yellow, purple as you wish)
– 1 chopped red onion
– 2 hands full of mungo sprouts

– extra virgin olive oil
– juice of 1 lemon
– 8 leaves of thai (holy) basil
– a handful of chopped up cilantro
– 1 garlic clove (pressed)
– 1 inch of fresh ginger (grated)
– himalayan salt to taste
– 1 table spoon sesame seeds
– 1 tea spoon red chili flakes

For the dressing:
mix in a different small bowl the juice of the lemon, chopped up Thai basil, chopped up cilantro, the pressed garlic, the freshly grated ginger, salt, sesame seeds and the chili flakes. Determine the amount of oil you want to mix in to balance the taste. Mix well together and let sit for an hour or 2 in the fridge.

Wash all vegetables thoroughly.
Chop of the ends of the bok choi (do not throw them away as you can use it to regrow your own bok choi.) Make sure there is no sand left on the ends of the bok choi stems. Chop in ½ inch parts.
Chop the cucumber by cutting it length-wise in half and then again length-wise in half. Now chop it in smaller triangular pieces.
Grate the carrot directly into the bowl so that the sweet juice from the carrot mixes with the ingredients.
Chop up the white cabbage in lengthy pieces.
Dice the red onion and throw everything in a large bowl together with the mungo sprouts and mix it together. Make sure to wash the mungo sprouts with cold water. To be able to keep the mungo sprouts longer in the fridge, do not go in the bag with your hands and also if you want to be able to keep the salad a bit longer in the fridge, make sure you have not touched the sprouts you use in the salad with your hands.

Mix the dressing through the salad and there you have your tasty Asian salad.
You can eat it like this alone or you can serve it next to a nice veggie burger (recipe coming up). You can also mix in some Korean vermicelli made of sweet potato or rice vermicelli, but be aware that these normally are processed foods.



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