How to make Soy Milk


I found 100% organic soy beans at my little farmers market and i thought: why not give it a try to make homemade soy milk.
It is quite some work though if you don’t have a soy milk maker. Way more work than almond milk, which is also more alkaline.
If you decide to make it yourself, always use 100% organic soy beans. Make sure to soak them for at least 8 hours. 1 cup of beans makes a lot of milk as you can keep on blending the pulp with water. More or less 11 cups of water. Also it is very important after straining the blended liquid through a nut milk bag, to cook the liquid for at least 25 min. When it is raw it is toxic. Stir the milk until it boils to avoid it to burn. I added vanilla to the milk to soften the taste as it is quite nutty in flavor compared to store bought soy milk.
It is not my favorite and I prefer almond milk, but to drink it hot is not bad at all.

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