Zucchini pasta or zoodles with pesto recipe

Most people think eating healthy and making everything from scratch cost a lot of time. This is true but also not true. True, because in the beginning you always just need to find your way around so things might take a bit more time to figure out. Not true, because once you have found your way around and you have the right ingredients and equipment in the house, you will ask yourself: Why haven’t I done this much sooner?!

Examples of good ingredients to have in the house for easy, simple and fast recipes are lentils, chickpeas, tahini, brown rice flour, spelt flour, buckwheat flour, almonds, pumpkin seeds, dehydrated coconut, garlic, ginger and many spices. You will see that you will be able to whip up a chapati with dahl (indian flat bread with lentil stew) in no time.

Great equipment to have in the house for easy, simple and fast recipes are a spiralizer, vegetable peeler, a good blender and a food processor. The equipment will really change your life.

One of my easy, fast and super healthy recipes is zoodles with pesto. If after making this you still think healthy eating takes a lot of time, I will declare you crazy :p

Zoodles is a play on the word noodles. It is pasta or noodles made out of raw zucchini, which is the Z in zoodles. To turn the zucchini into pasta you use a spiralizer. Have you ever been to a restaurant and you see these beautiful strings of veggies? They use a spiralizer. Great tool for beautiful dinner party food. Speaking of dinner party food, this simple recipe is one to put on the list for your dinner parties. It always blows people away.





Ingredients for 1 person:

– 1 zucchini
– 1 hand of washed arugula
– 1 chopped large tomato or 1 hand of cherry tomatoes diced in 4 parts
– 1 table spoons of pumpkin seeds

For the pesto

– 30 grams of basil
– 1 hand of pine nuts or raw pumpkin seeds or almonds
– extra virgin olive oil
– 2 cloves of garlic
– salt and pepper to taste

spiralizer or vegetable peeler

Spiralize the zucchini in spaghetti like strings or slice into ribbons with a vegetable peeler.
Mix in a bowl the arugula and the tomato. Add the zoodles to the mix.

Blend in a blender the basil, nuts, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper until you get a smooth consistency. Often I start with 1/2 cup of olive oil and then see if it needs more.

Roast in a dry pan the 1 table spoon of pumpkin seeds until you hear them pop and the are golden brown.

Mix 2 tablespoons (or as desired) of pesto through the zoodles and garnish with the roasted pumpkin seeds.

If you want to eat the zoodles warm, you can steam them quickly by heating a frying pan with a lid over medium heat and warm only the zoodles. Put the lid on for 4 minutes. beware that they don’t get soggy. Follow the rest of the recipe as normal.

And there you have it: a quick, easy, very healthy and nutritious meal made from scratch.

Bon appetite!

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