Recipe: Turnip Curry Suriname Style

Recipe: Turnip Curry Suriname Style


Turnip Curry Suriname Style

This was the first time for me using Turnips. As we are from Surinamese origin, turnips are not very common in our cuisine. But making them Surinamese style in a delicious curry worked very very well. This recipe is definitely a keeper. Turnip curry with purslane, black lentils and a light salad of carrot, red cabbage, chickweed and pomegranate

Turnip curry Suriname style:

You will need 1 tomato, 1 small onion or half of a large onion, 2 to 3 large cloves of garlic, half a kilo of washed and peeled turnips, 1 madame jeanette pepper or chilli flakes, two hands full of purslane, 2 tea spoons of masala curry, large table spoon extra virgin coconut oil and salt to taste

Chop the onion, the pepper and press the garlic. Fry the onion, garlic, pepper and curry powder in a pan with a ltable spoon of cold pressed coconut oil.

Cut the turnips in edible chunks and throw them in the curry mix. Stir them well until they are all yellow from the curry. Lower the heat and throw in ½ cup of boiling water, throw on top of the turnips the tomato. Close the lid of the pan and let it get soft. Check on the turnips regularly. If it seems to dry add more boiling water. When the tomato starts melting, stir it through the trunips. Add salt to taste and at the end stir through the purslane.

You can eat this with brown or black rice or like I did with black French lentils and a fresh sald on the side.

TIP: Instead of Turnips you can also use Caulifower. Just watch out that they don’t become too soft so you have to be carefull with adding water.

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