Recipe: Vegan Veggie Pizza


Vegan Veggie Pizza!

Because sometimes you just sooo need this 😀

Crust :

200 g organic whole-wheat flour

100 g spelt flour

½ tsp salt

1 tsp dried herbs (oregano, thyme, rosemary for example)

2 tbsp oil

175 ml luke warm water

Pre-heat the oven to 250 C. Mix flour with salt and herbs in a bigger bowl. Add oil and mix it with flour using your fingers. Add half of the water, mix, add the remaining half and mix with your hands until you get a dough ball. When the dough ball doesn’t stick to your fingers anymore put it in the plastic wrap and let it sit for 10 minutes. In the meantime you can prepare the topping.

Sauce :

1 1/2 tbsp oil

4 big ripe tomatoes

salt and pepper to taste


fresh basil, oregano and thyme

You can make the sauce a bit chunky or smooth. I pureed the tomatoes with some bits for a chunkier version. you can also chop the tomatoes finely, for a smooth version, puree the tomatoes very well.

Heat olive oil in a pan, add finely chopped garlic and saute for 10-12 seconds on a low flame. Add
the tomato puree and saute for 4-5 minutes. Add the herbs and salt and pepper and simmer for another 1-2 minutes.
When the sauce is cooled, you can use it right away as a pizza topping or u can store the sauce in a bowl or a small jar in the refrigerator, keeps good for about 2-3 days.
Put the dough ball on a floured surface. Roll it to a bigger round and put it carefully on a baking tray covered with wax paper. Now spread some oil on the dough and then add some tomato sauce, top with favorite veggies and bake the pizza for 10 minutes at 250 C. Remove from the oven, add some salt and pepper and olive oil. Let it cool for a couple of minutes before cutting, garnish with fresh basil.


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