4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Body The Alkaline Way

We’re in full Spring mode! An exciting time of the year when the weather gets warmer and the time of birth and growth starts. During this time we always get the urge to clean the house. But not only should we focus on the roof we live under, but also the home to our soul, our body. In Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine Spring is connected to the liver and therefore focus on detox to spring clean our body is a good idea. Spring is the perfect time to drop the heavy warming winter foods for lighter colourful detoxifying ones.

Here are 4 alkaline ways to spring clean your body and start getting summer ready.

1. Add green juices into your routine

spring clean_green juices

Spring brings us a lot of fresh produce which is perfect to add to our juices. The best juices to make are green juices with those powerful cleansing leafy greens mixed in. It’s an easy way to boost the body with extra nutrients and enzymes which we find in fresh vegetables, and these will help us eliminate toxins from the body.

A great alkaline detoxifying green juice is:
Spinach/Kale/Chard – or any other leafy green

For more juice recipes, check out our Alkaline Detox Juices blog post.

2. Flush out the waste with water

spring clean_lemon water

Drinking 2 to 3 litres of water a day is the ideal way to cleanse your system.

You can start the day with 1 litre of warm (hotter than room temperature but cooler than coffee or tea water) water with some lemon/lime and 2 teaspoons of real unprocessed sea salt added to boost elimination of toxins and improve digestion. The lemon/lime helps cleanse the liver while the salt stimulates bowl movements. You will immediately start feeling lighter, less lethargic and less weighed-down.

The salt can also help you get rid of fluid retention as real sea salt balances out the body’s mineral/electrolyte level which can lead to your body releasing retained water your cells have been holding on to.

Make sure to drink this on an empty stomach. You could feel a bit nauseous after which is quite normal as the salt has a strong taste. The lemon will cut that and help with drinking the mixture.

Check out Dr. Axe his salt water recipe here.

We recommend to always consult a doctor before doing this especially if you’re dealing with serious health issues.

3. Don’t worry, be happy ; lower your stress.

spring clean_relax

In many cultures anger is related to the liver. But actually all stress will affect the liver’s flow. Luckily with Spring comes more sunshine and sun light, beautiful flowers, singing birds and all this will already elevate our mood. If you do feel stress coming up, don’t forget to do some deep diaphragmatic breathing. This has an immediate effect on lowering stress levels.

4. Get moving

spring clean_walking

The weather is getting better which means there are are no more excuses for not going to the gym or going outside to get moving. Through movement we stimulate our lymphatic system and help the body’s natural detoxification process. Even a 30 minute walk can already do wonders.

You can be in control of your own health. So get outside, breath the fresh spring air and enjoy this lovely season.

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