Why Cups of Green when not all juices are green?

Green is universally associated with nature, like plants and trees, which are the ingredients we use; 100% plant-based. 

Green also represents health & wellness, but also growth and renewal, being the color of spring and rebirth. This symbolizes the health aspect of our juices and the good it does for your body.

Another association is “getting the green light” to go ahead, giving it an association with taking action. You can drink our juices wherever you are on the go.

Green also represents freshness and that is the taste of our juices.

Cups stand for measuring cups but also you can drink from a cup.

How many vegetables and fruits should I consume?

The general saying is 5 a day as a minimum. For most people this is hard to achieve. This is where we come in to help you out with our juice powders.

How many Cups of Green bags should I consume?

Generally people drink Cups of Green once a day; as a start of their day, later in the day as a pick-me-up or after doing sports to refuel.

Our packets contain more or less 2.5 servings of vegetables and fruits, which is already half of the recommended minimum of 5 a day.

Why do you emphasize on low sugar fruits?

The saying goes “drink your veggies and eat your fruit”. 

Fruit juices already contain a high sugar content because all the sugar gets squeezed out, which is different from when you would eat it. In this liquid form your body absorbs all teh sugar very rapidly, giving you a blood sugar spike. When eating fruits this process of absorbing the sugar goes much slower. Also your body doesn’t differentiate between sugar from fruit or from another source, sugar is sugar.


Dried fruits have a very high sugar content when you take all the water out.

Because powder is a concentrate of the many fruits needed to be dried and milled to just get a teaspoon of powder, the sugar content can get very high. This is why we focus on low sugar fruits so your sugar intake stays low. Our main focus is adding more servings of vegetables and fruit in your day.

Are there any superfoods in the juices?

Our main focus is to use only ingredients you already know. Ingredients you can find in any grocery store or farmers market. We believe that the regular vegetables and fruits are already very powerful with all the vitamins and minerals you need to be healthy.
But that doesn’t mean that we won’t create some flavors containing superfoods in the future.

What is the juice powder made of?

The juice powder is made of 100% whole vegetables and fruits. These get dehydrated in a process using heath or freeze drying which takes only the water content out and simultaneously preserves the nutrients and fiber of the fruits and vegetables. We then mill the dried vegetables into powder. This is why our juices are 100% natural.

Is Cups of Green sweetened?

No, we do not add any sugars or sweeteners, nor any artificial and non-artificial additives.

Is Cups of Green organic?

We try to use as many organic ingredients as possible. We strive to be 100% organic in the next  two years.

Is Cups of Green Vegan?

Our products are only made with fruits and vegetables, making them vegan-friendly.

Does Cups of Green provide the same nutrients and benefits as fresh fruits and vegetables?

The dehydration process only takes the water out of the fresh produce we use and leaves 100% of fibers and around 80% of all nutrients in the dried vegetables and fruits. There are multiple research articles written about it. Here you find one published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

How should I store my Cups of Green?

The best is to store it in a cool, dry place protected from daylight. This way you can keep the powders for a long time, at least up to 6 months. We recommend using the full content of an individual package immediately after opening.

Is Cups of Green safe during pregnancy and for kids?

Cups of Green products are safe to consume while pregnant and breastfeeding and also great for kids, because they only contain vegetables and fruits.

Our founder actually created the products when she was pregnant.

Is Cups of Green sustainable?

We give fresh produce a longer shelf life by drying it and turning it into powder. This creates less food waste. Our main goal is to create all of our own powders from surplus and rejected vegetables and fruits in the next 5 years. When a misshapen carrot doesn’t make it on the shelf we will save it and turn it into powder.

Is your packaging sustainable?

We strive to use 100% compostable packaging.

Can I mix the juice powder with anything else other than water?

Yes you can! Check out our recipes on our Blog.