Why drinking green juice is important for your health

7 reasons to drink a green juice

We’re not called Cups of Green for nothing. We love our green juice and green juice actually might be our specialty. We can give you many many reasons why you should start including a cup of green yourself into your diet, but to make it easier for you we have narrowed it down to our top 7 reasons why.

But before we get into that, we want to breakdown our important juicing rule:
Stay away from juicing high sugar fruits.

Why? Because your liver doesn’t make the difference between all the types of sugar. Sugar is sugar to the liver. When you juice high sugar fruits, like pineapple and mango, you are adding grams of sugar in liquid form to your body. When you consume liquids your body takes it up faster, so the sugar content in a juice will be an attack on the liver. The sugar might give you a short high, but soon you will come crashing down. And we don’t want that. We want the juice to give us a long energy boost. For this you will need to keep the sugars low.

Another thing is that we tend to add more fruit than vegetables to the juice. But when it comes to sugar, this is not a good thing. Where you would normally eat 1 apple, you now juice an apple , 1 orange, some pineapple and maybe a little hand of spinach.
When juicing fruit, more sugar comes out than when you would eat it, because with juicing all the fibers are squeezed and all the sugar content comes out. In the end you end up with a juice containing more sugar than vitamins. Better to eat your fruit and juice your vegetables.

Are you wondering how you can make a vegetable juice taste good? How about low sugar fruits like lemon and lime or herbs like mint, basil, cilantro and ginger. But if you really need some sweetness add half of a green apple.

So are you ready to be convinced to drink green juice? Here we go!

1. Easy way to add more veggies to diet

A green juice that is packed with veggies will contain lots of vitamins, anti-oxidants, carbohydrates, proteins and minerals that you might not get during the day, especially if you are not disciplined to always add veggies to your meals. It is a great way to include more veggies into your diet and also to add more diversity to the vegetables you normally consume.

2. Energy

A green juice gives the body exactly the energy it needs. A green juice is packed with electrolytes, especially when incorporating leafy greens and celery. They contain natural sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium. This is exactly what our bodies need for energy. Where sugar will bring you crashing down at some point, electrolytes will keep you going.

3. Quick absorption

Did you know that when you drink a green juice, your body absorbs the nutrients within 15 to 30 minutes? Yes, that’s how fast it goes. Leave that coffee out of your morning routine if you want to be awake and get your energy up in a short time, and add a green juice instead.

4. Hydration

Juices aid in hydrating the body. Especially in the morning when people are tempted to drink coffee and tea, it is better to drink a green juice. Coffee and tea are known to dehydrate the body, whereas a juice filled with vegetables will hydrate because lot’s of vegetables are dense in water content. It will keep you away from drinking sugary drinks.

5. Aids digestion

A green juice is easy for the body to digest, because the food is already liquified. This gives the digestive system often the rest that it needs to clean itself. It often helps people who have problems with indigestion. 

6. May aid in weight loss

When you start the day healthy you are most likely to keep it up the whole day. It is phycological. So in that way a green juice can aid in weight loss. However because a green juice also is a great detoxifier (see below) and aids in digestion as you read here above, it will also work in a physical way to get rid off those extra pounds.
Studies have found that diets containing 60% of its calories from uncooked vegetables are associated with weight loss and lowered blood pressure in overweight persons. Juices are very low in calories but dense in nutrients.

7. Detoxes the body

A green juice with all the nutrients increases the alkalinity in the body and at the same time get’s rid of the acidity. Fresh green juice contains lots of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is what makes plants green. It has the same molecular structure as our blood except that the main component is magnesium and of our blood is iron. It helps the body create more red blood cells, improve circulation of oxygen, lower inflammation and counters free radicals and heavy metals.

BONUS: Because it’s just super delicious! 😉

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